May 20, 2012

I feel smarter already!!

Not only was Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter  a fantastic read, it has inspired me to learn more about Honest Abe.  That guy had a lot of personal tragedy in his life and yet he was steadfast in his beliefs about a united country free from tyranny and slavery.  This book definitely covered that topic but it wasn't just slavery that the President was fighting against but vampires and their eternal hunger for blood.  I think that anyone could enjoy this book because it covers history (there is a plentiful supply of accurate historical accounts), drama (hello, there's a horde of vampires attacking the human race!), and fantasy (did I mention the vampires?).  I definitely recommend it.

Okay, if you've been following this blog then you have to have figured out by now that I'm a huge nerd and I am on a quest for knowledge.  This quest has led me to Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time.  I've only just cracked it open and I'm already learning!  It's a nerd's paradise inside of these pages!!  Did you know that our Sun is 8 light-minutes away from the earth?  This means that if the Sun were to suddenly go out then we wouldn't know it for 8 minutes because that is how long it takes the Sun's light to reach us.  Take a moment to think about that.  I can't wait to uncover more facts about our universe and the concept of "time" as I read the first work by a first-rate genius, Stephen Hawking.

Stay tuned and KEEP READING!