January 20, 2014

If you're a Doctor Who fan, then you're probably going to be more interested in my review of Beautiful Chaos than someone who has no clue of the devastation that was Donna Noble. However, I'l do my best for you non-Whovians because I still think this was a fun read. With that being said, I need to impress that this was by no means my favorite DW novel. The plot was a bit too plodding for my taste at times and I didn't feel the normal drive to see what clever thing the Doctor had up his sleeve this time. This is a hard one to discuss because on the face of it there was nothing really wrong with the telling of this story. It had interesting characters, a baddie straight from canon, action, heart wrenching sadness, and a clever conclusion. However, I can think of three separate DW novels sitting on my bookshelf that had me flipping pages so fast I nearly ripped off my fingerprints and this one just didn't have that urgency. So while it was a decent story about the Doctor it wouldn't be my first recommendation. (If you want that just let me know.)

Next on my list of January reads is the first in a trilogy by C.S. Lewis. The Space Trilogy begins with Out of the Silent Planet and is followed by Perelandra and That Hideous Strength. The stories follow the adventures of Dr. Ransom who is kidnapped and taken to the planet Malacandra. The reason for his kidnapping is made clear when he is told that he's to be a human sacrifice but things don't quite go the way of the captors when Ransom escapes and starts life anew on this strange planet. I confess that I absolutely adore C.S. Lewis and when I saw this in the bookstore and realized that I had never read it I didn't even think twice before picking it up (and paying for it of course, DUH!). 

Let's get on with the show!

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