July 6, 2014

Global warming and...robots?

Eaarth is at once hopeful and devastating. Bill McKibben doesn't pull any punches about the effects of global warming on our planet. The consequences of our pursuit for fossil fuel (and its burning) have made a lasting impact which is already effecting day-to-day living. The 'natural' disasters that we've been plagued with in ever-increasing frequency are a direct result of the imbalance which is a direct result of global warming. I say 'natural' because these freak weather events would most likely not have occurred if we hadn't pumped so much poison into the air and bumped up the global temperature (and it's only been pushed up one degree at this point). However, McKibben doesn't just harp on the horrors we've inflicted on the planet and its many inhabitants. He has solid ideas for ways we can adapt to our new environment on this completely new planet we created. His advice is to rely on communities and strive for living greener lives. (I've oversimplified of course because to give away more would defeat the purpose of you reading his excellent book.) If you're interested in environmental sciences and/or you're interested in the fate of our planet and our very way of life then I recommend you read this book ASAP.

Next up is a book I've had my eye on for quite some time: I, Robot by Isaac Asimov. Originally published in 1950, I, Robot, was the first book to give the three fundamental laws of robotics which almost all subsequent authors have taken as gospel. The book is almost a warning to humans that robots are more than just mechanical tools to be used without forethought. Each chapter discusses when robots weren't the 'norm' whether this be through exaggerated humanity or a kind of mania. Five chapters in and I feel chills rolling up my spine (it should be noted that I have a kind of terror of robots that can talk and have a super intelligence) as the tales of robots circumventing their programming are described so realistically I would swear I'm reading true accounts. I can't wait to deliver the review on this one, guys.

Until then, keep reading and have a great week!!

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