April 10, 2015

Talk about your twist ending!!

Whoever wrote the blurb on the back of The Secret Keeper, was not exaggerating. You will most definitely be surprised by all the twists and turns of this mystery. It is so multilayered that I often wondered how all of the different narrative threads converged...then about 30 pages from the end I started to suspect I had figured out the BIG reveal. In a book that was almost 500 pages long, this is quite the feat. Morton's characters are so vibrant that they fairly leap off of the page. It's separated into 4 different sections that focus on different characters and help to gradually fill in the details of the secret (hence the name) that has loomed large over Laurel's life since she was sixteen years old. Most of the story is focused on London during the Blitz of WWII and it's clear that the author did her research on the time period which further enriches the story. In fact, Kate Morton has earned herself a spot on my Favorite Authors List. (Also, I bought another one of her books that I'll be reviewing a little later this year.)

Since I'm traveling this weekend, I chose a book that I'd been eyeing for a while to read next. I'm going to be reading and reviewing Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige. Of course, after I picked this one up I discovered there were two prequel novellas also available...only time will tell if I'll have to pick those up as well (and there's a sequel too!). These books tell the story of Amy Gumm who hails from Kansas and made her way to Oz like another girl we've all heard of: Dorothy Gale. However, Amy's experience is decidedly disparate from the story we all know and love. Amy's been recruited by an organization known as the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked and she has been tasked with a mission...killing Dorothy. As a fan of the original L. Frank Baum Oz series which began with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, I am intrigued to see the direction in which Paige has taken these beloved characters. I'll be updating you soon with my thoughts!!

What books are you guys reading? Have any recommendations for me? Leave a comment below! :-)

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