April 22, 2016

Greece or bust!

I absolutely LOVE it when I read a book and immediately want to find everything that author has ever written and binge read the heck out of their work. I saw a commercial for a new ITV program called The Durrells which intrigued me...especially when I learned it was adapted from a book. I threw it on my library list and delved in hoping for a fun read and WHOA guys. My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell is nothing short of delightful. Full of family antics, animals gone wild, and ALL THE NATURE it was exactly what I needed to read right now. It turns out that he's written loads of other books and this book was actually the beginning of a trilogy of his adventures with his family while they were living on Corfu. (I wish I could have lived with them because they're all distinctly eccentric and hilarious.) Even better, I started watching the series and it's a delight! If you enjoy humorous memoirs and/or learning about the flora and fauna of a place then you won't be disappointed with My Family and Other Animals. Now pardon me while I put the other two books on my wish list...

So I was looking for a photo of the cover to add here when I discovered that this newest iteration, The Durrells, is just one of many adaptations of Durrell's books. O_O And anyway I still have the copy from the library so I'll just take the photo myself.

I was going to add a version with my thumb but decided on this one instead.

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