July 22, 2012

Neil Gaiman, my hero

Neil Gaiman has cracked my top five favorite authors.  Congratulations, sir!  I've just finished up M is for Magic and it was pure delight all the way through.  Each story was unique, enticing, imaginative, and enthralling.  I found myself wishing that I could just sit and write short stories all the day long...and I suppose I could do if I chose that as a career.  Heck, I do still plan on writing that memoir that I've been threatening everyone with for years (it's tentatively titled Pants Are Overrated).  But back to the book...I loved it and I'm excited to crack open the next which is The Graveyard Book.  My plan is to make it through that book today so that I can finish up my oral presentation and start my paper.  Whew!

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