December 8, 2012



Okay, if you're just tuning in you might be a tad confused.  I started reading a book (which was on hold at the library which meant waiting weeks to get it) a while back titled Parade's End.  When I first got it, I was unaware of how difficult of a read it would be owing to writing style, dialect, and story line.  Also, the fact that it was four books in one volume (total of 906 pages with minuscule type) didn't help matters.  So I only finished the first book when it was due back at the library...where it was on hold.  Therefore, I had to wait over a month to get the book back and pick up where I left off.  BUT I'M FINISHED!!

The review: I must say that this might be one of the most difficult works I've read.  I can't decide if it's Ford's writing style or his dialogue that I found most perplexing.  I would say that if you're wanting to give this one a whirl make sure that you're prepared and that you stock up on patience.  The story was a riveting one which was the impetus for continuing all the way to the end (and I'm no quitter!).  The ending, however, fell short.  I feel like it ended too suddenly (which is saying something when it's 906 pages).  I don't feel satisfied.  I like having an ending where all the loose ends are tied up neatly.  Not entirely sure I got that with this one.

In the interim when I was waiting on the book to be in my possession again I started reading Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling (have I mentioned this already?).  Another book with a LOT of plot and a TON of characters.  I'll have to figure out where I left off with that one so that I can finish it and write it up for you guys.  The past two months have been busy but I'm hopeful after the holidays to pick up the pace.

Hope you are all doing well and READING!

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