August 18, 2013

From scandals to slaughter

Daniel Defoe did not disappoint. Moll Flanders was a fantastic read. If you're into classics (and if you're not please tell me why), then this book is going to be right up your alley. Written in an autobiographical style, the story of Moll Flanders unfolds in England (for the most part) in the 18th century. She begins her life inauspiciously as a servant for a well-to-do family where she is known for her genteel manners and pious spirit. However, this lasts only until she is made an offer from a young man in the household and the next you know she's his mistress. O_O Don't worry, guys, I'm not encouraging you to read smut. The book was intended to be a cautionary tale for both those headed down this path and for those that might come across these ne'er-do-wells. She is purely driven by her fear of becoming destitute and living on the streets. To that end, she marries many times (dubiously for the most part), sells her body (I don't mean for science), and steals. BUT this is a moral tale and so there are messages spread throughout (not so subtly either). Like I said, if you're a fan of the classics you'll like this one.

Next up is Edge by Thomas Blackthorne which is a novel set in Britain. This has classic (not the same as above) science fiction written all over it. An evil corporation has taken over and not only have they legalized duelling but they've made it entertainment for the masses. Basically, the apocalypse has arrived and there's horror around every corner. I'm super excited. Also, it's set in Britain and if you haven't caught onto this fact yet I'm a TOTAL Anglophile. :-D

Is there anything you've read recently that you'd like me to read and review? Comment below and let me know!

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